Make a Difference Abroad is a young organization that operates at the local level in the country of Mexico. Here we place volunteers, interns, and experienced teachers in both public and private schools.

In recognition of the importance of learning English, the Mexican government requires English to be taught in the public schools. However, there are not enough qualified teachers for all of the children. Frequently these children are seeking learning on their own.
We work with elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the country to link them with international volunteers and interns.

We focus on providing quality education for children in the English language. We know that by providing them educational support now, they will have a better opportunity to obtain a brighter future. None of this would be possible without the invaluable help of each one of our partners.

Make a Difference Abroad constantly works to provide affordable and meaningful opportunities for those who want to volunteer. We know that many volunteers were shocked by the high prices which non-profit organizations and placement agencies were charging  for those who want to give service abroad.

We strongly believe people should be able to volunteer abroad without paying large participation or placement fees!

Our program is designed to help children with financial disadvantages and offer low-cost volunteer and internship programs. Although we are small and possess limited resources, we do our best to help children and to join forces with fabulous teachers and philanthropic volunteers and interns to better our communities and the world!