Have you ever dreamed of traveling abroad?
Would you like to have an opportunity to know and learn about another culture, make new friends, as well as improve your Spanish skills?

Make a Difference Abroad offers you an opportunity to do so in a flexible setting. You will be amazed as your participation in our English-teaching-project will permit you to see many of the sites and sample much of the culture of México.

Don’t worry, we will be offering you spicy food, but it’s not too hot!

This is an opportunity for you to share your time and talents in helping others to reach their hopes and goals by learning English. English is the master key that will open many doors of opportunity for our students. At the same time, you will have a chance to fulfill some of your own personal dreams and have lots of fun doing it.

Make a Difference Abroad wants to enrich the lives of young people by providing access to a quality education within their communities in the country of Mexico.

By so doing, we will set new standards of academic excellence in providing a great tool for their future adult lives. Then students will be able to contribute to the progress of their communities and open new possibilities for their families.

Share your time and talents to help others to reach their hopes and dreams!