Working directly with Mexican students will give you provide the opportunity for you to learn about many of the issues Mexicans face every day, it will also provide you with a deeper understanding of their culture. When people of different cultures have opportunities to connect with each other, there comes a greater understanding of our shared humanity. We learn to appreciate and to gain respect for that people.

Each day volunteer teachers will have the opportunity to learn Spanish from a native Spanish-speaking teacher. Spanish cultural classes will be held twice monthly and will cover a variety of topics such as: Mexican local and regional customs, holidays and history. Also, we will arrange trips to visit regional museums, parks, and historical places which will allow you to become better acquainted with The Mexican culture.  In addition, if you want to learn a little more about Mexican gastronomy and folklore, we can arrange for you dance classes and/or cooking classes, at very low cost.

You will be the same person ... but not the same as always.