Make a Difference Abroad is open to any native English speaker who wants to serve abroad and share their English language with Mexican children.
-Apply online using our application form. It is easy to fill out and you can conveniently submit it through the website.
-Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
Please follow the next steps below to complete your enrollment process.
As you begin your application, please have the following information ready:
        -Resume (CV).
        -A valid Passport or ID
        -Personal Character Reference.
        -Emergency Contact Information.
        -Time Commitment and City Preferences
Once we have received your completed application, within 10 business days we will:
  • Determine your eligibility for the placement that you are choosing.
  • We will contact you for an interview
  • You will receive a final decision about your place.
  • We wil e-mail you a letter to let you know whether you can join the placement.

This is not a get - rich job, but it is a unique opportunity to visit and learn the language and culture of Mexico and Great for someone who wants to learn or improve their Spanish!

We look forward to hearing from YOU!